Portable Industrial Vacuum Cleaner – PowerLIFT

Super Portable, Super Powerful Industrial Vacuum Cleaner.

Powerlift vacuum combines continuous working suction, triple filtration, and versatile storage capacity.

DuroVac Powerlift Series

25 HP to 100 HP

Positive displacement vacuum producer
99.9% at 1.0 micron filtration – as standard
Available pulse jet filtration

Complete Specifications:

2012 DuroVac Powerlift Series Equipment Data Sheet PDF

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The Power in PowerLift

Tired of not having the power you need when it comes to vacuum cleaner? The Powerlift Series is a portable, powerful industrial vacuum that moves material fast. This all-in-one package features a full up to 68 cubic feet (2 cubic meters) of usable storage. This gives you easy and simple control of your production clean-ups!

The Powerlift portable industrial vacuum cleaner has many different filtration and horsepower options, so you know you’ll be getting the high performance you depend on in a powerful industrial vacuum. It’s the best solution for your vacuuming needs.

This positive displacement vacuum pump will attain up to 16” Hg and it pulls even harder after the hose is filling with material.

That means the Powerlift® is capable of picking up materials three times faster than vacuums that use centrifugal pumps.

Why choose our Powerlift Vacuum Cleaner?

There are other brands available on the market for industrial use, so why should your company choose the Powerlift by Durovac? The reasons are clear. It is a very reliable machine, and the design is “goof-proof”, so it’s easy to use regardless of your specific needs. Powerlift gives you the best of all options – maximum suction, triple filtration and a full 40 cubic feet of storage.

The sound levels are taken just three feet from the end of the exhaust, and taken when the machines are operating under a full load.

Powerlift Portable Vacuums can move more than 300 pounds of sand per minute, without missing a beat. The incredible, new silencers give the vacuum the ultimate in quiet running, even when you’re operating at 16” Hg. They also offer you the best strength in suction.

When you choose Powerlift, you’ll benefit from an effective, efficient design that gives you the best in long-term cleaning performance with minimum maintenance. The super low noise levels on these large PD machines come from the extensive tuning of the silencers.

Triple Filtration System

Effective, exclusive triple filtration system sets new design standard

One of the most essential parts of any industrial vacuum cleaner is a very reliable filtration system. This will give you trouble-free operation with fine powders. The silo fill separator protects the system from abrasion.

The primary filter media is super-efficient, and won’t easily blind, so there will never be a performance drop, even as the hopper fills. You can vacuum fines continuously until the hopper is full, without needing to stop the system and take time cleaning the filters. Each vacuuming and filtration system is so well-built that it comes with a 2 year DuroVac filter exchange warranty!

  • Extensive 95-330 sq. ft. filter surface area allows for 99.95% efficiency at 1.0 μm
  • The vacuum system is protected against abrasion by the silo fill separator
  • There is no drop in performance, the whole time the hopper fills
  • Standard PTFE media gives your filters maximum lifetime, and if that’s not enough…
  • You get a 2-year DuroVac Filter Exchange warranty!

Common Features

What we’ve packed into the Powerlift Vacuum

Regardless of the features you select, you’ll find that you don’t have to compromise between pure cleaning power and maximum affordability. Powerlift vacuums offer you continuous 24/7 operation without maintenance headaches. The heavy-duty, all steel frame is built to last, and to offer you many years of full power.

  • Vacuuming performance up to 16” Hg
  • You get true cleaning power and affordability in the same model
  • Operate these vacuums continuously, without maintenance headaches
  • SUTORBILT positive displacement vacuum pumps are built to last
  • Add in the premium efficiency TEFC motor for reliable operation
  • All steel frames are made for heavy duty usage
  • Heavy-duty hoppers with fork pockets keep what you’ve cleaned out of the way
  • The structural frames have forklift channels for easy relocation
  • Custom-tuned silencers ensure very low noise while in operation

Available Options

Added options for your Powerlift Vacuum System

  • A diesel engine offers the best in economical use
  • The propane engine gives even and steady power for maximum performance
  • Trailer-mounted vacuums give you the portability to take the unit wherever you need it
  • Corrosion-resistant package leads to a longer life for your equipment
  • Abrasion-resistant Class 1 Division 2 package keeps all working parts at peak performance without excess wear
  • Radio frequency control gives you ease of use in any location
  • Heavy-duty hoppers with fork pockets keep what you’ve cleaned out of the way
  • NFPA & ATEX compliance assures you of the best performance
  • UL, CSA & CE compliance gives you many years of reliable service

Known Applications

Applications that have used our Powerlift Vacuum System successfully!

  • Aluminum Plant
  • Asbestos Dust
  • Boiler Ash Clean-Up
  • Brick & Block Plants
  • Cement Factory
  • Chemical Dump Sites
  • Coal Power Plant
  • Hog Fuel Spill Clean-Up
  • Lead & Beryllium
  • Lead Recycling Plant
  • Metal Foundry
  • Mining Sites
  • Potash Mines
  • Pulp & Paper Mill
  • Railroad Spill Clean-Up
  • Rubber Carbon Black
  • Sandblasting Facilities
  • Silica Sand
  • Stones & Tiles
  • Thermal Power Plant
  • Train Derailment
  • Co-Generative Plant
  • Conveyor Spills
  • Dust Collector Clean Up
  • Flour Mill
  • Fossil Fuel Plant
  • Grain Spill Clean-Up
  • Gypsum & Drywall

Powerlift Photo Gallery

Powerlift Specifications:

Flexible Hose 1 x 3”
2 x 2”
1 x 4”
2 x 2.5”
1 x 4”
2 x 2.5”
1 x 5”
2 x 3”
1 x 5”
2 x 3”
Horsepower (hp) 25 40 50 75 75
Engine horsepower (hp) 31 – 35 60 – 66 75 – 85 95 – 115 95 – 115
Airflow (icfm) 525 860/950 1050 1450 1450
Vacuum (“Hg.) 16 16/15 16 15 15
Tonnage (lbs/min) 200 300 400 500 500
Filter Bags (Ft2) 95.0 95.0 Ask Ask Ask
Secondary Filter (Ft2) Option Option Option Option Option
Hopper Size (Ft3/Yd3) 33/1.5 33/1.5 68/2.5 68/2.5 68/2.5
Noise Level (dBa) 85 88 90 90 90
Empty Weight (Lbs) 3760 3935 4480 5150 5660

An important note about DuroVac® specifications

The maximum vacuum rating for continuous operation is 16″ of mercury. You may have seen other systems with a higher vacuum rating, but they CANNOT operate on a continuous basis without overheating. Our material conveying ratings claims were tested with a stopwatch, and taken as series’ of averages under the toughest conditions you’d find at your own worksite.

Some systems claim a 2.5 times higher vacuum rating, but we back our ratings with a money back guarantee. Unlike other companies, we will never make statements just for the purpose of marketing that are misleading or unethical.

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