Central Industrial Vacuum System

Centralized Industrial Vacuum System

Watch this massive Central Vacuum System clean-up conveyor galleries for Potash! 

DuroVac Industrial Central Vacuum System

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Vacuum Packages

Vacuum packages are the heart of your industrial vacuum system. They provide the power you need to your vacuum pump, and the pump will be selected after we help you to determine your needs through your design worksheet.

Each DuroVac Vacuum Package is durable, robust and heavy duty in design. It rests on a structural steel frame that is of industrial caliber. Each unit also comes with an exhaust silencer that is custom-tuned for optimal performance. As a plus, we also include a vacuum relief valve as standard equipment in our Vacuum Packages, unlike some of our competitors. It’s just one way we go above and beyond what you’d expect, in giving you a package that balances safety and efficiency.

  • Vacuum Pump (a.k.a. Blower)

    DuroVac always selects the best vacuum pump or blower/ exhauster based on the specifics of your application parameters. We always keep your needs and budget in mind, offering you state of the art, heavy-duty components with the highest ratings in energy efficiency. If you have any questions at all when choosing between a pressure blower, a centrifugal exhauster, a PD blower, a liquid-ring vacuum pump or a regenerative side channel blower, please don’t hesitate to give us a call. We’re here to help you make sense of all the different parts, since this is our specialty.

  • Electric Motor or Combustion Engine

    The component used to drive your choice of vacuum pump will be a working collaboration between your company and ours. You may have specific brands of electric motors and engines that you want to use in your application. These specifications usually include NEMA rating, energy-efficiency, etc. Our standard at DuroVac is the LEESON brand. Since we sell to worldwide customers, we also have sub-vendors that will provide you with engines and electric motors that will meet any specifications, no matter where you’re located.

  • Inline Filters (standard and HEPA) and Instruments

    It’s always recommended that you use an inline or secondary filter that precedes the vacuum pump/blower. This is a protective measure that ensures that your vacuum pump, the most expensive workhorse in your vacuum system, will be protected against the failure of the main filter, as well as any small particulate bypass. These instruments will monitor the condition of your filters and warn you to use preventive maintenance on the filter element, rather than having you run into problems down the line.

  • Vacuum Relief Valve

    Don’t overlook this essential component in your Vacuum Package. It’s actually dangerous to operate your Vacuum Package without a Vacuum Relief Valve. This small piece ensures that your vacuum pump or blower won’t be starving for air.

Cartridge Filter Separators

After you select the heart of your vacuum system, the Vacuum Package, we’ll help you in determining which Filter Separator to combine with it. Your best Filter Separator selection is very dependent on the parameters that you establish for us to study in your Vacuum Design Worksheet, so providing the most accurate and thorough information is very important.

At DuroVac, we work arduously in engineering the most efficient Filter Separators. This results in the most robust designs, highly effective separation of fine particulates and everything else, all packaged into an innovative design that’s still competitively priced for your business.

What Each Component Does

  • Abrasion Resistant Inlet

    This component is an essential part of the long life of your Vacuum Separator. At DuroVac, we have implemented a handful of specific design strategies that will hold up well against abrasive products, statically-inclined materials and other factors.

  • Discharge Cone

    The discharge cone will ensure that the material being vacuumed flows directly to the bottom of your Vacuum Separator. You’ll notice that we refer to the “angle of repose” of the materials when you fill out your Vacuum Design Workshop. This helps us to select the most appropriate discharge cone for your system. We have more than 30 years of experience in the field, and we have standard designs that discharge over 95% of all known materials in the industry. We’d love for you to challenge us with your newest materials!

  • Filters

    These are among the most important elements in the DuroVac industrial vacuum system design – the “bread and butter” of the operation. We humbly offer the success we have achieved in providing companies like yours with bulletproof engineering and construction. This service includes supplying you with filters that can last five YEARS, even when they are faced with the most harsh materials you could imagine.

    Whether you have dust that’s corrosive, abrasive, static–prone, hygroscopic or combustible, rest assured that we’ve seen all types. DuroVac has a complete database that helps in providing us with the confidence to offer you our Guarantees of Performance. Just ask for one, and we’ll be happy to evaluate your application and provide you with one.

  • Effective Filter Cleaning System

    We’ve dedicated a lot of engineering time to the improvement of market standards for filter cleaning systems. Our state of the art design essentially ensures that we improve not just the filter cleaning mechanism, but also the design of our cartridge filters and filter bags. Success in the Filter Cleaning System is also dependent on the filter media. Just let us know what your materials consist of, and we’ll filter them from the airstream.

  • Structural Stand and Service Access

    We’re happy to be able to offer your company both! We know that an effective industrial vacuum system depends on your accessing it for proper maintenance. So the proper layout and ergonomy of our entire system is a must, to make servicing by your engineers easily accomplished. To design a proper service access platform for your company’s vacuum system, we’ll need your valuable input. Just give us a ring and we’ll provide you with more information.

Central Vacuum System Photo Gallery

An important note about DuroVac® specifications

The maximum vacuum rating for continuous operation is 16″ of mercury. You may have seen other systems with a higher vacuum rating, but they CANNOT operate on a continuous basis without overheating. Our material conveying ratings claims were tested with a stopwatch, and taken as series’ of averages under the toughest conditions you’d find at your own worksite.

Some systems claim a 2.5 times higher vacuum rating, but we back our ratings with a money back guarantee. Unlike other companies, we will never make statements just for the purpose of marketing that are misleading or unethical.

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